Transplant in Thailand

Why Bangkok is the best place to have a hair transplant

  1. Thailand is a country that prides itself with having state of the art hospitals and clinics that are well equipped.
  2. Their prices are relatively low. In some instances, it may be significantly cheaper to have a hair transplant done in Bangkok that in your home country.
  3. There are English-speaking doctors in Bangkok, which makes it an ideal place to go if one is looking to have a hair transplant done outside their country. The doctors are also well trained and have international accreditation.
  4. Bangkok is also a city that is easily accessible as it is the capital of Thailand. This makes visits to and from the hospitals easy.

Best hair transplant clinics in Bangkok

  1. Yanhee hospital

This JCI accredited hospital has a bed capacity of 400 patients. This is proof that it is a hospital that is well equipped and one that you can recover comfortably in after the procedure. It has a specialty in plastic surgery as well as cosmetic surgery, making them very experienced and skilled in handling hair transplants. They are accommodation to foreign patients as they have translators who will help you along the way.

  1. Hairsmith clinic

This clinic specializes in handling hair transplant procedures. It is also the clinic to go for if you are looking towards having the best pricing option. You can get a free ride to the hospital from the airport. They also have various pricing packages that you can choose from, each of which is inclusive of accommodation. In terms of service delivery, they also rank highly as their doctors have undergone international training.

  1. Bangpakok 9 international hospital

This hospital has also great and affordable pricing options. They give one free transfers to the airport and to doctor appointments. They have different accommodation packages to choose from and they receive over 2000 foreign patients every year.

  1. HHH natural hair transplant center

This is one of the best clinics in Bangkok that carry out hair transplant procedures. They have extensive experience in the area as the clinic has been in practice for thirty years. What distinguishes it from others is that it has a certification from the American Board of Hair Restoration. They also specialize in the use of Thai Micro hairline technique, which is a technique that was introduced by the founder of the clinic.