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Hair transplant is a surgical process where hair is transferred from one part of a person’s body, to another part where hair does not grow. This process has been a remedy for baldness that mostly affects men as well as some women. It is a very simple process although there are some slight side effects associated with the same. Hair transplantation is not only done to add hair to the head. There are other places that hair can be relocated to and this include eyebrows and to hide surgical scars.

Hair transplant is a common procedure that can be used to cure baldness that affects many people. Many hospitals around the world are carrying out hair transplant procedure. It is important to look for the right hospital to ensure that the surgery does not backfire. Bangkok is a city that receives many international patients who are looking towards having their hair transplants done. There are many reasons as to why foreign patients choose this country. There are also numerous clinics that one can choose from and each will deliver high quality results.

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